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How Hypnosis Can Kill Your Smoking Habit Dead In Its Tracks, in a single session, with lifetime support?

Cigarette smoking gives you lung cancer, ages you faster and even has the ability to give you sexual dysfunction problems. Despite having this information about the alarming risks of smoking, you continue to smoke. WHY?

It is not because of your lack of will power. It is not because of the intensity of nicotine addiction and it definitely is not because of your stubbornness.

It is because of how your brain functions. To understand what exactly that means, read the following section, very carefully.

Your brain has an amazing ability to process 4 Billion bits of information in a single moment. Yes, that is 4 Billion, with a “B”. However, the average human brain processes just 2 thousand bits in a single moment. Why? Because, a certain part of our brain, called the Critical Faculty, knows that the brain will be overwhelmed if allowed to work at full tilt, all the time. Hence, this Critical Faculty in your brain creates a belief system that generalizes a lot of information that you process.

If you can’t stop smoking now, it is because your brain’s current belief system just doesn’t think it is necessary for you to quit the smoking habit. Your belief system shuns away all the risks and dangers of smoking that you see on a daily basis, as irrelevant junk. To change that belief system, you need to alter the subconscious state of your mind, something that your will power has absolutely no control over.

Our hypnotherapy however can do exactly that; alter your subconscious state of mind. All we need from you is a willingness to make a change in your life, by agreeing that you should quit smoking, before and during the hypnotherapy session. Once our special hypnotherapy session ends, you will never have to worry about your smoking habit again, as you just won’t have even the slightest of urges to reach out for a cigarette. A cigarette just won’t mean anything to you anymore.

If you still can’t understand the power of hypnosis, think of it this way. If we told you that
you should forget how to drive, could you do it? How can you possibly forget to drive?
Youjust can’t do it because your subconscious mind knows how to drive. It is the same with your smoking habit. You just can’t stop it until that subconscious mind forgets the need to smoke, and our hypnotherapy session can do exactly that!